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I have worked in the food industry since graduation in 2002 from Plymouth University, Seale Hayne Agricultural College, where I studied for my BSc (Hons) Food Quality With Product Development and Nutrition. A year of my 4 year study was spent in industry with Microtech Food Laboratories, Newton Abbot.

Since graduation, I have experienced both sides of the fence in food manufacturing, working in Quality Assurance / Technical roles and as a Quality Inspector for a major retailer.

My interests in ingredient sourcing, food manufacturing and microbiological safety have been drivers for continuous development and project management.

The decision to work for myself came from trying to find a solution to balancing the responsibilities of a young daughter and a job in an industry where hours are pretty demanding.

The solution ? Approach young, small businesses who need technical support, but not necessarily on a full time basis. This tactic has worked well for me and those I support.

Working for smaller, independent businesses provides variety in my week. A big advantage of working part time with several businesses is skills and learnings are often transferrable and applicable (often with a tweek) to all environments.

I have worked with businesses to achieve successful audits with SALSA, Soil Association, Red Tractor, The Food Standards Agency (Meat Cutting), NSF, STS and Environmental Health.

The last year has presented a new challenge for me, as we all know the hospitality / catering industry has been hard hit by the fall out from Corona Virus and some of the businesses I support have had to make big changes to their business models to remain afloat.

I have also been made to think outside of my typical box.

Being married to a cattle hoof trimmer, we both passionately believe supporting local agriculture, food & drink industries will be more important than ever as we break away from the EU and find our way in the new world.

I became a Supporter Member of Food Drink Devon at the end of 2020. Food Drink Devon represents a membership of like minded businesses, dedicated to providing good quality local food & drink.

At home I am keen to help teach our children about where their food comes from to help them make informed choices about what they eat, rather than be told what to eat by social media.

I love photography and living in Devon there’s a different canvas to have every day.

Character Reference

“Savvy and dedicated, Claire is a pleasure to work with. Never frightened to tell the truth, she is smart, hard working and a great technical manager.”